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Behind the Menu is a radio show on KIOS, Omaha Public Radio that the

we began working on in spring 2020. Due to world events it was kicked off with four installments of a special presentation following several people in the service industry through the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic. It then returned to the original idea of a public radio show focusing on the stories of the people who work in the restaurants and bars we all love.

While the podcast is a way to connect with people already working, or people who have worked in the industry, Behind the Menu is a great place for the public to hear more about the realities of the service industry. We try to steer this show in a direction that can easily be enjoyed by all ages!

Behind the Menu airs every Saturday at 2pm on KIOS, 91.5FM. Or you can live stream it online on the KIOS website by clicking below.

Talk to us!

If you have any thoughts, concerns or words of wisdom, send them our way! If you have a favorite server you want to hear on the show or are interested in learning about the history of an establishment, we're all ears!